“Isn’t that fascinating?”

Ben and Rosamund Zander in their great book The Art of Possibility suggest that when we make a mistake, instead of criticizing ourselves, we throw up our hands and exclaim, “Isn’t that fascinating?!”  Then we take a deep breath and examine what happened, what we might have done differently, and then we continue on our way.  This can be our response to others when they make mistakes.  So, at the new year, it’s time to take risks and make mistakes, then throw up your hands and exclaim, “Isn’t that fascinating?!” You’ll throw everyone off and lighten your own burden. Good luck!


About WomanQuest

Pamela Anne Bro holds a doctorate in theology and anthropology, doing field work with the Lakota. A pastor for 30 years, including serving Yale University, she founded and now pastors Living Waters Sanctuary, lecturing and doing spiritual counseling in Virginia Beach, VA. Dr. Bro loves living on the Chesapeake Bay and enjoying her lively daughters.
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