5 Tips to Welcome Spring!

5 Tips to Welcome Spring  by PamBro.com

 1.  Spring clean your whole house.  (J) 

Now how many of us actually do this?  Then we feel like a failure.  Here’s how to break that cycle.  I invite you to clean out only 2 items:

  • Your medicine cabinet and
  • One kitchen drawer.

You’ll be surprised at what you find:  the lost blush stick, your favorite little bottle of perfume, a box of tiny screws—as well as what has expired and needs tossing.  You just need 15 minutes and a garbage bag in hand, and VOILA!  You are doing spring cleaning—and you’re a success!

 2.  Spring clean your thoughts. 

Choose one consistently negative thought you have and replace it with a positive one.   For example, say you hate being criticized.  Replace this thought with “I can easily handle criticism.  It’s not personal.  I can sift through it and find what’s useful to change in myself, and then throw the rest out.”  Which leads us to Tip #3…

3.  Spring clean your list of good friends.

That is, honestly look at each friend to see if they are a positive or negative influence in your life.  If they’re always critical of you or too HM (high maintenance), have the courage and wisdom to spend less time with them or completely let them go.  Sigh of relief….

 4.  Buy an essential oil or room spray.

Science is showing how stimulated your brain will be by odors that please you.  They can actually calm you and send out endorphins, those good-feeling chemicals.  So intentionally pick out a scent that will delight you:  lavender, rose, lily, lemon or linen…breathe in deep and slow….ummm…

 5.  Bring one object of beauty into your home.

Whether it’s the bold yellow of sunflowers, or the dainty and delicate daffodils for your kitchen table, or a new painting of love birds cooing for your bedroom wall, lavish yourself with a little beauty.  Beauty breeds beauty!

 ImageWith these 5 easy tips, you are now ready to greet spring with a spring in your step and a happier, fresher you!

© 2013


About WomanQuest

Pamela Anne Bro holds a doctorate in theology and anthropology, doing field work with the Lakota. A pastor for 30 years, including serving Yale University, she founded and now pastors Living Waters Sanctuary, lecturing and doing spiritual counseling in Virginia Beach, VA. Dr. Bro loves living on the Chesapeake Bay and enjoying her lively daughters.
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