Give Free Hugs!

“Giving Free Hugs on the Boardwalk Last Sunday” July 14, 2013
What an adventure! Mom and I were part of a 5 day course called The Art of Living, and our assignment for Sunday was to choose to do an activity that would get us out of our comfort zone and would also benefit the community. Immediately what popped up in my mind was the Youtube video on “free hugs”. amazingly, the 10 others in our group bought the idea.
We went home Sat. night, drew posters, and met down at Starbucks at 31st st. Yes, I was a bit anxious about the response, or lack thereof, we would get, but in the spiritual course, we’d been learning not to assume other people’s intentions, and we would be more free to act and to give love.
So there we were rounding the corner, and I’d barely gotten my sign up when the first two lovely tourists came right over and said, “I’ll take a free hug!” She not only hugged me but all 4 in our group! And the frolicking began! One of our members, G., didn’t feel comfortable giving hugs, so she had brought a sign, “Free Jokes”. And after many folks got their free hugs from us, they went over to G. and demanded, “Now give me my free joke!”
It was all in good fun. It was intriguing to see that the majority of those who hugged us were black and we were 3 whites and one black person. Hugs are color-free.
Of course, there were those folks who saw our signs and quickly looked away, or those who waved us away if we came too close. But I was fine with that. Maybe I wouldn’t let a stranger hug me–but I knew the people in our group who had such open hearts and light spirits. And I realized that indeed we ARE all one family on this planet, and any day from now on that I can get (or give) a FREE HUG, I will. The more free love on our planet, the better, I say.
I dare you to go give someone a big free hug right now.Image


About WomanQuest

Pamela Anne Bro holds a doctorate in theology and anthropology, doing field work with the Lakota. A pastor for 30 years, including serving Yale University, she founded and now pastors Living Waters Sanctuary, lecturing and doing spiritual counseling in Virginia Beach, VA. Dr. Bro loves living on the Chesapeake Bay and enjoying her lively daughters.
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